About Chris Searl

Director and Photographer Chris Searl has over 15 years experience creating innovative campaigns and imagery for brands in the areas of youth lifestyle, fashion, music and travel. 

Australian based director/photographer Chris Searl is renowned for his ability to capture moments in time that make you wish you were there.  There is a perceived ‘realness’ which carries across both Chris’ motion and stills advertising work  which makes the viewer feel as through they are not being advertised at but that they are viewing a genuine experience.  There are no elaborate or ‘fake’ lighting set ups that could alienate the viewer .. his connection to the talent is the key and this is abundantly clear in his work.

For this reason Chris is highly sought after globally by brands such as Levi’s & Corona shooting motion & stills for the brands. In addition Chris’ portraiture subjects include the likes of Beck, Julian Casablancas, Joel Edgerton, Dave Grohl, Kelly Slater & Anthony Kiedis.

For 10 years.. in addition to his other work .. Chris has been building a brand. Monster Children magazine.  Now with both an Australian and US edition the magazine continues to flourish.   With a focus on the subcultures of surfing, skating, art, music, photography.. this explains his continued connection to  & understanding of youth brand.

When he manages to find a minute to himself .. Chris can be found chasing his two kids around on Sydney’s Northern beaches.


Chris Searl - Phone +61 (0) 410 540 842 - Email: chris@monsterchildren.com

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